" As a metaphor for the cultural melting pot of the 21st century, 'It Tastes Like Home' shows that variety is indeed the spice of life..... While the show is a romantic comedy with plenty of humour, it doesn't shy away from the negative experiences that 'people of colour' face in every day life.." 4 Stars ****"

Michael DavisBreaking-the-fourth-wall

 " A beautiful tale of two worlds in one life, themed around interracial relationships, intertwined culture, family standards, biracial acceptance, identity and family disputes.." 4 Stars ****"

Tanica Psalmistgetthechance.wales

 "....a breath of fresh air when it comes to contemporary musical theatre on the London Stage" 4 Stars ****"

Emma ZadowLondon Pub Theatres

 saw a musical called It Tastes Like Home yesterday at The Bread and Roses Theatre + am so glad I did—don’t think I have ever seen something that looks so explicitly at the relationship between different immigrant groups in London (in this case, Chinese + Jamaican). I was charmed. in the show a 2nd gen Chinese guy who works for his parents’ takeaway falls for the 2nd gen Jamaican girl who always comes in, + they both have traditional parents who think they’re stupid for wanting to cook instead of having ‘real jobs’. but they didn’t feel stereotypical/bait! I absolutely wish It Tastes Like Home was picked up by the likes of the Young Vic, Lyric, Bush, Southwark Playhouse, or Ovalhouse etc... a big space + the bells + whistles a big theatre can give would honesty make that show a huge sell-out. it was charming + fun + had heart"

Bridget MinamoreFreelance Journalist

 "An exuberant celebration of family, culture and food that will warm your heart and set your stomach rumbling" 4 Stars ****"

Claire RoderickFairypoweredproductions

 Made The TOP SHOWS 2018 for Fairy Powered productions. "Divergent Theatre Collective's It Tastes Like Home was a charming and uplifting musical about cultural identity.""

Claire RoderickFairypoweredproductions